The Goal of Phase I is to reintroduce manageable numbers of people into the live setting, while allowing staff to prepare, practice, and ultimately pivot as needed to better serve a full return of the whole church.  During this period, Kid City will be closed, including nursery services. We will continue to provide an online service, by streaming the worship and message, followed by a short lesson for kids. The service during Phase I will begin at 10 am and last one hour. 


Week 1 (May 10) – Staff, Elders, Leaders (of ministry teams & groups), and their families.  

  • Initial signage, procedures, and communication in place to test our readiness 

  • Staff working, helping to identify blind spots and communications needs

  • Survey of individuals and families who came to identify points of clarity in communication or process


Week 2 (May 17) – Open to all families!

  • Kid City will be closed, including nursery services. Children are permitted to sit with their families for an abbreviated service. 

  • We encourage that you where a mask (though not mandated it is recommended)

  • We strongly encourage at risk individuals to stay at home and watch the service online. 



The Goal of Phase II is to open Kid City – children’s ministry and nursery services. If Governor Abbott announces a move to 50% capacity on May 18, we will open Kid City. If not, we may delay opening Kids ministries and nursery services. 

Week 3 (May 24) – Open Kid City!

  • We strongly encourage at risk individuals to stay at home and watch the service online. 

  • Classrooms will be designated as a place for vulnerable members during the service.


Week 4 (May 31) – Open to Public!!


  • All practices from previous weeks will remain in place until further notice.



The Goal of Phase III is to reopen all ministries. This includes Wednesday night activities. We know that there is no date associated with this at this time, but we will be planning throughout the process in order to accomplish this.  


  • All Virtual Groups (men & women), Kid, and Student ministries will continue online, while beginning to explore ideas about doing additional outdoor events/ socials (i.e. Drive in family movie night, volleyball, etc.). 


Note: This plan (and any detail) is subject to change in accordance with state & local government guidelines. 


The following guidelines are based on the recommendations from the CDC and the Office of the Governor. The following safety protocols have been contextualized for our church, to meet and exceed the recommendations of our Governing authorities. Regardless of the phasing that we are in, we will keep these protocols until the recommendation is lifted. All of these protocols take into account that social distancing of 6’ minimum would be followed throughout this process. In addition to these being utilitarian, our desire is that we do them in a way that encourages, excites, and instills confidence in our people and community. Being above reproach in these areas help us to honor those in authority, as well as love our neighbors in a unique and tangible way during this season of the Coronavirus Pandemic. 



Since we will be continuing to offer our Sunday morning online experience, we will be strongly encouraging those who are considered “at risk” as defined by the President’s Coronavirus Task Force* to engage in worship online. Once we move into the second week of Grace City’s Phase I (May 17th), we will offer classrooms specifically for vulnerable populations with additional measures in place. Until that time, we recommend that anyone who fits these descriptions stay home, and even after, exercising wisdom. 



In order to protect all who come, we will employ a one-way traffic flow. This allows entrances to begin being sanitized as service is going on. 

  • People can enter through the Front Entrance (“at risk” entering the Bridge). 

  • People will be allowed to enter the middle set of doors of the sanctuary.

  • Following service, people will exit through the East door towards the front parking lot or North door towards the Next Generation building.



All greeting and normal Welcome Team responsibilities will be done by intentionally placed volunteers.

  • Volunteers are recommended to wear masks (not a mandate), and “smile with their eyes” and wave as they greet people coming in the doors. We will use colorful signs to build energy and excitement.

  • Doors will be propped with doorstops as to minimize all contact. 

  • Inside the lobby, there will be a sanitation station available.

  • There will be no physical contact and we are asking all to please maintain proper social distance. While we long for the day of hugs, handshakes, and high fives, we are not yet there. To keep all safe, we are asking that everyone honor these guidelines.



People will be directed to seats by ushers by family unit into an every-other row arrangement.

  • Governor recommends 2 seat separation by family unit, but we will exceed this, and will monitor to make sure that the protocol is being followed. 



During this season, we will not be offering coffee or refreshments until we feel that we can execute this in a safe and efficient manner. 



We will creatively approach the way that we worship through giving and communion.

  • Giving – we will continue to encourage online giving but giving kiosk will be available at the exits. A staff member/volunteer will monitor them for safety, as well as to periodically wipe it down after any contact. https://www.gracecitypeople.com/give

  • Communion – we will creatively approach doing the Lord’s Supper without passing elements and/or compromising safety. 



  • We will have informational signage as recommended by the CDC and Governor’s office.

  • Restrooms will be continually monitored and sanitized as they are used. 


P.S. Be on the lookout next week on Facebook for a virtual tour of what to expect when you arrive on campus!


*At-risk population are those who are 65 or older, especially those with chronic lung disease; moderate to severe asthma; chronic heart disease; severe obesity; diabetes; chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis; liver disease; or weakened immune system.

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