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Here's one thing you need to know about Grace City Church...We LOVE people. Because we love people, we encourage you to take the next step in being Family at GC.    

Knowing this, we'd love to invite you to “Starting Point,” our Next Step towards membership class. This class is for people who attend our church who are not members, and for people who do not attend our church who are interested in taking the next step at Grace City.

Starting Point is comprised of 4 short classes and is designed to help you learn more about Grace City Church and to guide you confidently into the calling of God on your life. Classes are held once a Quarter.


Week 1: We are Grace City

"See the why of Grace City"  


Week 2: Discovery Week

"Learn more about God's design of you"


Week 3: Essentials

"Being a blended family"


Week 4: Connecting Passion & Purpose

"Find out where our hearts can be joined as we seek Jesus together"

If you are interested or would like more information, please click the link below to email Jeremiah Williams.

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