Welcome Visitors

Our goal is to make you feel welcome and at home here at Grace City!

What to Expect


The people at Grace City are most welcoming. We are so proud and thankful for our team and body. They love to engage into worship and connect with new visitors to make them feel most welcome. 


Music in the church is one way that many people worship. It is a way to freely express yourself in worship by praising Jesus, thanking Him, or submitting to Him. Here at Grace City, we believe it is very powerful and very effective. We begin each service with music and celebrate and thank God for everything He has done for us.




Here ate Grace City we take prayer very seriously, as it should be. God is overjoyed when His children come to Him first with prayer. Prayer consists of various subjects including thanksgiving, submission, petition, confession, and listening. Listening for Gods voice is one aspect that is often forgotten in prayer, but it is most important.




Our sermons at Grace City are filled with the Word of God and are impactful in the body. Our goal is to make an impact in todays world by spreading the Word that is taught in our pastor's sermons. 

Plan Your Visit!


1400 East Loop 281 Longview, Tx, 75605


Sundays at 10:00 am

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

* Child care is provided